We can repair, set up, and restring most stringed instruments including installing pickups, adjusting truss rods, and adjusting action on just about any guitar or bass. 

General Guitar Repair Prices
(Subject to Change, based on instrument and work done)
  • Guitar or Bass Restring $20+Strings
  • Classical Guitar or 12-String Restring $30+Strings
  • Basic Setup, Acoustic or Electric Guitar or Bass $60+Strings
  • Electric Guitar w/ Floyd Rose Setup $70+Strings
  • Classical or 12-string Guitar Setup $70+Strings
  • Input Jack/Volume Pot Repair $25+Parts
  • Electric Pickup Installation $30 per pickup
  • Acoustic Pickup Installation $60


We can also repair most major brands of amps and electronic music equipment, as long as we can find parts for the item. All amp and electronic repairs are done by Scott Gragg. Scott is certified to repair Allen & Heath, Peavey, Gallien Krueger, Ampeg, Crate, JBL, Vox, Crest, and many other brands. Repairs are mostly done in-house and turn-around time varies on a first-come, first serve basis.

If you have a question about an item you need repaired, give us a call at 828-261-0415  or use our Contact Page and we will be happy to help you!