Peavey ValveKing 20MH 20/5/1-Watt Mini Tube Head

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The Peavey Valve King heads have long been loved for being great value extremely versatile options. From bright and rich cleans to powerful rock and metal this amplifier is a great option for anyone who needs a single amplifier for home, studio and live use for multiple different styles.

Workhorse Of An Amp

While a lot of amps specialize in one sound or another the Valve King range has always been known as a workhorse of an amp that covers most styles really well. By using the vari-class control combined with the clean and lead channels you can go from boutique class A style cleans to A/B powerhouse rock with just a few small tweaks.

Anywere Anytime

So one of the issues with guitar amp heads is that for the most part you need a cabinet to be able to get any sound output. This is fine for most scenarios but there are occasions like with late night practicing or fly gigs where you want to just be able to run silently. Well this amp has you covered for those as well with the Peavey MSDI circuit. This microphone simulated DI output has XLR, USB and 3.5mm headphone output available on the back of the unit.

You can even disable the speaker output and load the amp internally meaning that it won't damage your amp to run it without a cabinet. That is as long as your turn the speaker disable on, forget to do that and some serious damage can happen. So no matter if you want to silently practice at night, record at any hour or gig with next to no stage noise the Valve King 20 is an incredible tool.