Luna Uke TEC Mahogany

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Get incredible design and tone with the Tattoo Mahogany Concert Ukulele from Luna. The Tattoo Mahogany features an all-mahogany body for rich, full tone. A mahogany neck with walnut fingerboard provides stellar playability and response, great for exploring new and interesting uke chord patterns up and down the neck. The Tattoo Concert Uke's design is based on traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. These geometric patterns all represent the island world of the early Polynesians: waves, fish, birds, and the sun. This particular design is patterned after the Hawaiian turtle, or "honu," a symbol of longevity and endurance. You will get plenty of both with the Tattoo Concert Uke! And be sure to check out the stylized shark-teeth inlay on the walnut fingerboard

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