Hughs and Kettner Era 2 - Wood

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The Hughes & Kettner era 2, like its predecessor the era 1, is a bold, beautifully designed combo acoustic amplifier that brings 400 watts of natural-sounding tone, excellent dynamic response, and impressive headroom to whatever acoustic instrument you use. The increase in wattage on the era 2 means more robust low end coming from two 8" speakers and a single 1" dome tweeter. This speaker setup makes the era 2 ideal for percussive playing styles, as well as double basses and acoustic basses. It also pairs beautifully with external music devices and drum machines. The era 2 is also a full-range PA system with two fully loaded channels — 1 and 2 — that can be tailored to voice and instrument for stellar live performance. In addition, Channel 3 can be used for external devices like smartphones and MP3 players, while Channel 4 can be used for line-level devices, such as mixers and drum machines. Acoustic instrumentalists here at Sweetwater have fallen in love with the era 2 for its diverse array of effects and stellar amplified tone.

  • Built with top-shelf components, including detailed preamps, premium AD/DA, and a custom-made power amp
  • Delivers natural-sounding tone, excellent dynamic response, and impressive headroom at 400 watts
  • 2 independent FX engines with 16 great-sounding algorithms
  • Preshape and Mode buttons conform to your voice or instrument, optimizing it for maximum impact
  • Doubles as a full-range PA system that lends magical presence to vocals and backing tracks
  • 1/8" auxiliary input that's ideal for patching in your tablet, smartphone, or media player
  • FX loop for integrating your favorite external effects