EVH 5150 III Micro Stack, EL34

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Just like its bigger brothers, the EVH 5150III Micro Stack is filled with arena-sized crunch - yet you won't need a road crew to move it. Perfect for practicing in a dorm room or office, it features the look and sound that put EVH amplifiers on the map. With a full set of Gain, Volume and Tone controls you can dial in your sound as clean or gritty as you want. It even includes a headphone output jack for silent practice.

EVH 5150III Micro Stack EL34 Features

  • One-watt single-channel amplifier
  • Single 3" speaker
  • Dedicated gain, volume and tone controls
  • Integrated tilt-back kickstand
  • 1/4" headphone jack and 9VDC adapter jack
  • 9V battery included